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    Medina Thygesen
    By Medina Thygesen

    Sincere Tech, your trusted and trustworthy partner with regard to plastic Mold is located in ChanPing, Dongguan City of China. Launched in 2006, the company has grown to become one of the leading plastic molding companies in China, boasting above 30 million RMB in assets. With more than 15 years of expertise, not only do we all guarantee good quality, but also, a forward thinking approach to offer our customers only the best and inventive plastic solutions.


    Why would you choose to companion with us? What makes us the most preferred choice for our own customers is our half a dozen -part guarantee. In your journey around, we guarantee you of the subsequent:
    State -of-the-art Manufacturing plant
    Our improvements guarantee reaches the heart of our own operations. To this end, we make use of state-of -the art machinery to ensure the company's injection molds we all produce meets world-class requirements.Including the High-speed FUNAC CNC machine that has over 24,000 rotator speed, totally automatic CMM way of measuring machine.CNC as well as CMM machines that doesn't only interact to ensure precision, but also facilitate efficiency in production. Additionally, the use of superior software within creating complete 3D mold designs allows us to create unique, customized molds for our clients.


    Quality Assurance
    Having a quality assure, we ensure that all our production process is under continuous review to assess any prospective errors inside the system which could
    compromise about quality, we test the actual molds several time to check for any defects and ensure a superior quality, durable item. Pursuant to this commitment to quality, we now have attained the ISO 9001: 2008 quality certification.
    Merchandise Variety
    Our own focus on corporate, industry as well as consumer clientele means that all of us make goods that suit a person, at no matter what scale. If you are a corporate client, or in market sectors such as construction, food and also cosmetics, well being, automobile, digital, our services are custom-made to suit your needs.
    Customer care
    We devote ourselves to be actively attentive to the needs and also expectations of our own customers. Using this customer satisfaction assure we have a clear communication program.

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