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Some people might laugh at the idea of the habit of self-reflection. But this is a habit that most often overlooked. Reflection can actually fuel both your desire and your motivation to succeed. This habit involves reflection throughout the day on the workout you've done. Thus, if you dominated on the deadlift and set a new record for yourself, you should hold on to that for the rest of the day. Reflect on how you can still improve on it. This will help you do better the next time you perform it. This can also help you think good about the workout and can actually make you feel great.


Hobbies- what is a solution that you can think of that will benefit a passionate niche of hobbyists? Look towards your own hobbies first, then do research later for other products.

Imagine a super cool 30-year old suffer dude. I was asking him about cool places to live in the Southern Cal area. He told me that his favorite spots in San Diego were between Del Mar and Encinitas.

How many times have I seen somebody on the proper track with their physical training. only to be facet-tracked by some "Fast Fix" coaching fitness solution.

So what is it that actually creates a forever young lifestyle? I have had a lot of thoughts about this subject. Last week I was in Del Mar California. Kim and I went to Southern California in search of a place to potentially live.

Second, regardless of if you do focus completely on each body part in your balanced training, you almost certainly will not have enough time to really enjoy life. To completely and completely train each part of your body in a well balanced fashion you'd need to devote hours and hours training every week. Say bye bye to your family or anything looking anything at all like a life of your own. You have got to spend the next few months living at the gym.

Flexibility - Stretching and improving your range of motion will result in less injury and better recovery. Also can help in recruiting more muscles therefore making your workout more efficient.

Journaling helps you see what kinds and how much food you are eating. It helps you evaluate when you eat too - an important factor in healthy eating. You should journal how much exercise you are getting in everyday. Additionally, journal your weight loss progress so you can be encouraged by your accomplishments and also see what's working for you.