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    • Richard Ribacoff
      Richard Ribacoff

      Shira Diamonds Dallas - Wholesale Diamonds and Custom Diamond Rings is one of the largest diamond wholesalers online. We work with the major diamond manufactures and diamond polishers from South Africa, Russia, United States, Israel and India. We bring you loose wholesale diamonds directly from the mine to the market, cutting out all the usual middle-men to offer you best value. We have an extensive range of different diamond cuts such as:

      * Round Diamonds
      * Princess Diamonds
      * Emerald Cut Diamonds
      * Cushion Diamonds
      * Oval Diamonds
      * Radiant Diamonds
      * Marquise Diamonds
      * Heart Diamonds
      * Asscher Cut Diamonds
      * Trillion / Triangle Cut Diamonds

      Shira Diamonds Dallas is not a Retail Store!
      We are diamond merchants who buy directly from the mines, through we supply many retail stores and diamond wholesalers in Dallas, Texas. We have a large selection on Round Diamonds and Round Diamond Rings.

      If you would like to view our large round diamond selection please give us a call. We can help you save on a diamond!

      We have the largest selection on Round Diamonds and loose diamonds in Dallas. Give us a call today and view the large loose diamond selection.