How to Choose Designer Necklace According to Your Neckline?

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How to Choose Designer Necklace According to Your Neckline?
There’s a very popular saying ‘If you want to improve your look instantly, try the right accessories.’ That’s the reasons; brides wear different types of bridal jewelry.
Necklace, being an integral part of jewellery should come to fit your neckline well. It can help your neck look more slender and longer. However, different necklines look better with different necklace styles. Let’s me share the most popular necklines to choose the right necklace online.

Halter neck

Halter-necks can display your slim neck, making it look more attractive. Make sure you style them right. Go for choker necklace if it’s high-neck halter top. Simple, narrow pendant with a sharp end will be elegance. Don’t wear necklace with no-fuss designs to enhance your neck area.


If you have a V-neck, don’t opt for chokers as it won’t work well. Go for a necklace that has a V shape like a single pendant necklace. For a simple shirt, choose something which is slightly fancier.

Collared Neck

Does your neck seem to go over your shirt? If so, chokers and small necklaces are not for you. You can instead wear large statement necklace or focal pendant that is supposed to act like a brooch. Putting on slimmer pendant that sits above the last open button is also ideal.

Turtle Neck

If you want to give impression of longer neck, choose longer necklaces . Short necklaces won’t play the magic for your look.

Crew Neck

For crew neck, collar or bib necklaces are the best choice. You can find them in all colors and shapes online. You have the endless choice. Enjoy experimenting with new colors.

Boat Neckline

If you love to wear boat neck blouses, then opt for necklaces with long beads. Or, you can choose two of beads, long necklaces.

Scoop Neck

Scoop neckline can be complemented by a vast variety of necklaces. Consider necklaces with multiple strands of beads or go for larger scale pendants. A dramatic multi-strand necklace in pearl, crystal or gemstone is also the apt choice. Chokers; a delicate “Y” necklace are some other options to go with the scoop neckline.

These are the most common necklines. Select necklace and other bridal jewelry that you love to wear.