Bear Market Fears-are they overblown?

Bear Market Fears; the perfect trick to stampede the masses
The snake oil salesman AKA experts take delight in concocting all sorts of fables as to how the markets are destined to crash. The loonier characters focus on the mother of all bear markets that will somehow wipe out all the gains for the past two decades. Well, these chaps have been waiting for a long time for their day in the sun and they will have to continue waiting in vain for that day to pan out. Instead of a market crash, the only thing that has crashed is their ego, and the only downtrend insight is their dismal forecasting record.

From a Mass Psychology perspective, bear markets are buying opportunities as they will spawn the next bull market. When you hear these experts stating that the financial world is going to collapse, ignore the noise and focus on the facts. The only thing collapsing is their egos; history indicates that markets trend upwards for much longer periods then they trend downwards.

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